Your Cross and Triangle Spread
You the Significator and Your Life Force

Two of Cups

The harmonious blending of the male and female self. All aspects of your life are in balance.

That Which Influences Your Thoughts

The Knight of Wands Reversed

Jealousy, conflict and chaos. Work left undone.

That Which Influences Your Emotions

Four of Cups

A period of rest in your life and dissatisfaction with material gains. Re-evaluation of your goals.

That Which Influences Your Spirit

Five of Pentacles

Poverty and unemployment are possible. Possessions may be lost. A troubled soul is likely.

That Which Influences Your Physical Self

Five of Swords

Failure and defeat are possible. Injustice and cowardliness may appear.

Forces that Oppose You

The High Priestess Reversed

The Priestess reversed represents uncontrolled sensuality, conceit and a willingness to accept the superficial.

Other Forces that Oppose You

Seven of Pentacles Reversed

After much labor, little gain may be realized.

Energies You Need to bring to the Forefront


This card represents the power of your charactor, spiritual power defeating material desires and love over hate.

The Outcome

Nine of Pentacles

Material wealth enjoyed alone. Knowledge of the workings of those things in your best interest. Love of home and garden.

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